Real Time Remote Desktop Software

The Apply remote desktop assistance software is priced at $30. This software has the Helpdesk personnel and IT administrators tool that allows you to control another computer to fix technical problems or install new programs.

This particular program can be used for businesses and home computers to make them more efficient. It has a number of features that you should consider when deciding whether or not this is the software that you wish to use.

  • There is no pre installation required and no user configuration to go through. This makes it an easy program to install into the computer network. Simply follow the wizard that will provide you with step by step instructions.
  • This software is able to handle dynamic IP addresses – even for those who use firewalls to keep hackers out. The SSL secured encryption is powerful and provides a safe area to work with. It will protect important documents and keep people from connecting to certain sites.
  • It uses real time screen sharing that makes it perfect for management solution for businesses and schools. Now you can access applications, fix problems, and open documents without leaving your office.
  • This particular software can only be used with MAC computer systems and not a Windows system. You can connect to it on the same network or remotely via the Internet.
  • Use the software and reduce the administrative costs and increase the productivity throughout the whole of your business. It will also allow technicians to fix certain problems in your computer system without having to call them to the office.
  • In schools this will help teachers in libraries and computer classes to see what the students are doing and to make sure that they are on schedule and not using the computer for other purposes.