Installing Software Through Remote Desktop

Large businesses use so many different computers that it is difficult to make sure that they all receive the right updates. It can be difficult to go to each computer and install the necessary updates manually. This could take hours for a few technicians to do and minutes or hours of the day for people who use it.

However, with remote desktop software you will be able to sit at one single computer and install them easily without having to travel to each one. When you have installed it correctly you will be able to install any software or update necessary.

The first thing you need to do is to follow the link that is in the Resources area. This is usually below the Remote Desktop Control website or another program. When on the administrative computer you will be able to download the program installation file.

Now choose the installation type and open it. Follow the prompt that followed till you reach the screen that will ask you what type of installation it is. Make sure to click on the Host Module button and than click Next.

Enter the password that you have chosen to use and click on Next. When it has finished worked click Finish.

Leave the computer on and go to the next that need the installation. You will repeat all of the steps to install the necessary file. The difference is to click on the Admin Module instead of the Host Module.

Click on the Connect button in the corner of the screen when the file has been installed. Navigate your mouse into the open window in the center of the screen and open up a web browser that is inside of the window. Go to the web page that has the necessary software and install it.