How To Add A Printer

Hooking up a remote desktop software on the various computer in your business is a great way to share important files and to keep tabs on how your employees are spending their time at the office. However, this is only one step that you can take when it comes to improving work efficiency.

It helps to connect and add a printer to the remote desktops so that everyone can simply press ‘print’ and receive all of their important documents in one central area. This prevents the need from having to use a printer for each computer inside of the office. Adding a printer to the network is simple and takes a matter of minutes.

The directions provided below work only for people with a Windows operating system. Before you can begin you need to make sure that the printer is connected to the main desktop that you wish to use. Follow the installation CD that came with the device by following the necessary steps. This process only takes a few minutes. Now you are ready to add it to the remote desktop network.


  • First you must click on Start and go to All Programs. Find the Accessories folder and click on Communications.
  • Open the Remote Desktop Connection and click on the options tab. From there you will need to switch to the Local Resources tab.
  • Click on Local Devices and press Printer. Find your printer and press Connect. This will now allow you to access the printer from the remote desktop.
  • You can find the device when you open the Print dialog box.